Co-ords: Skirt vs Shorts


As Cher in Clueless tought us, a co-ords is timelessly fabulous. Dressed up or down, it’s appropriate for almost every occasion. They have always been big, but especially this summer they can be seen every where! Thankfully they aren’t going anywhere, as the skirt ensemble is already from the 2015 fall collection.

Personnaly, you can find me wearing shorts more offten than a skirt, but I honestly can’t pick between these two sets.

Skirt + Top: River Island                                       Short + Jacket: H&M (simular here)
Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo                                 Shoes: H&M (simular here)
Bag: Hermès                                                             Bag: Fendi
Earrings: Dior                                                           Jewelry: Hermès, Rolex, Dior

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