Big Bag kind of day


An oldy but goodie: Le Pliage! I’ve had this bag for over 5 years now and I’ve stuffed it completely full many of times, but it’s still alive! She’s been used as a travelbag, schoolbag, handbag, etc. Basically… The handiest bag out there. It’s classy and timeless and very affordable. I’m the kind of girl that carries the strangest things in her bag. Other than the ‘normal’ things it contains, in my opinion all the essentials I might need. Most of them wouldn’t be essentials for most people, but to me they are!
As for the faux fur vest, I’m in love with it. My sister bought it for me (well I had to pay her back so…) and I was very happy with it. Still am! It’s actually quite warm so that’s nice since I’m always cold. Plus it’s wonderfully soft!
The navy jeans I’m wearing are Primark jeans and I have to say, I’m very surprised by how comfortable they are and how nice they fit! They don’t stretch out to much and you can wash them without the getting dull.

Top: Ralph Lauren
Pants: Primark 
Vest: Zara
Shoes: Valentino
Bag :Longchamp 

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