Comfy sweater


I love wearing skirts and dresses, but nothing beats wearing a nice, big, chunky sweater with a pair of jeans. I like this one because it’s the most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn! It’s what I imagine a cloud feels like.     So soft, so warm, so comfy… Also the details of the lacing make it just a bit more special.
The lacing trend has been getting very popular! There are a lot of cute tops with it and I have a few myself, but I really like it on a sweater.
Pairing a big sweater with a skinny jeans gives you comfort, without totally losing your shape. Just a simple pair of sneakers to finish this comfy outfit of.

Sweater: Primark (similar here and here)
Jeans: H&M
Shoes: Christian Louboutin 
Bag: Prada 
Earrings: Dior 

Matching my surroundings


It’s a good thing fall is so beautiful… The changing weather makes it impossible to wear a perfect outfit for the temperature. Either you leave your home in an outfit that is too hot or you’re freezing because you didn’t wear enough layers. Also moisturizing is hell! If you don’t wear any your skin is dry, but if you put on your winter moisturizing you wake up with greasy skin.
Thankfully nature makes up for this all. The falling leaves, changing colors, cosy nights by the fireplace,…
Another plus is that you can still get away with wearing some of your summer cloths. These shorts for example are summer shorts, but combined with more winter staples, like a long coat and black boots I can still wear them. And if you hadn’t noticed… I’m really obsessed with my over-the-knee boots. The black is so easy to combine with any outfit and I’ve been wearing them a ton!

Sweater: Kenzo
Shorts: H&M
Coat: similar here
Boots: River Island
Bag: Chanel
Jewelry: Dior, Forever 21 

Victorian feels


A little black, a little velvet and some romantic white crouches.
Perfect combination, right?
I’m not really sure if this looks falls under ‘classic’ or ‘edgy’, but I’m okay with that. I like a combination of both.
It’s a bit of a romantic, Victorian look with a hint of goth. A lot of designers have incorporated this into their SS 2016 collections, so if you see a high neck blouse that looks good on you, I definitely recommend getting it. That way you get the most out of your purchase.
I can’t stop wearing my black over-the-knee boots. These one’s have a heel, but they’re still quite comfortable. I also ordered a flat pair of over-the-knee boots that should be arriving by the end of next week. I’m so excited!!

Top: Michael Kors
Collar: Anne Fontaine (similar ones still available)
Jacket: Emporio Armani 
Shorts: Forever 21 
Boots: River Island
Bag: Chanel
Jewelry: Dior, Hermès

Put a bow on it


I love wearing a classy look, but I always like to add a little trendy or modern twist. A sneaker, minimalist coat or some jeans. That way the classic and the modern balances each other out.
The spencer or little vest I’m wearing, I’ve had for a few years now, but I still love it. It’s a piece I’ll keep forever. Timeless, but fun to wear.
Here I added the pussy-bow blouse. I love everything with a bow and since they are so in at the moment, it’s the perfect excuse to wear even more of them.
Can you still wear an A-line denim skirt during fall? Yessss! This one is my favorite skirt and I’m not ready to put it in the back of my closet just yet. By pairing it with a wool vest and a longer coat, it’s appropriate for the cooler weather.

Top: Uniqlo (also here and here)
Vest: Gant (similar here)
Skirt: Primark (similar)
Coat: Zara (last year, but this years version here)
Shoes: Valentino
Bag: Fendi
Sunglasses: Tom Ford

Winter White in Fall


On a beautiful fall day we decided to go on a walk in the woods. The autumnal colors of the trees and leaves on the ground looked so beautiful in the sun.
I love winter white and this was a perfect occasion to wear it. I’ve worn this outfit quite a few times last year, but especially this year I think I’ll wear it a lot, since it’s really a trend for this season. Paired correctly it can look great during the day and it even makes for a very chic evening look.
Now… let’s talk about those boots! Hunter green wellies with dogs on them? Who could say now to that! I bought them this summer when we went on holiday to England. We were staying in Bath and one day we were just walking around and I saw them when we passed a shop and just had to have them!

Top: Sutherland via The Sting
Vest: similar Zara
Pants: H&M
Wellies: Joules (now on sale)
Bag: Dolce&Gabbana
Sunglasses: Tom Ford
Earrings: Dior