Classic Stripes









I’m officially addicted to stripes… I have so many stripped t-shirts that I’m actually a bit embarrassing. I can’t get enough of them. I own so many different variations… Pink and white, black and white, green and white, grey and black,… but this is my favorite one. It channels my inner ‘parisienne’, which I loooove. A navy/white stripped t-shirt is a basic, timeless piece and a great investment.
Even better to stock up on stripes right now, since they are very ‘trendy’ for the upcoming season. Especially big bold stripes are everywhere, but I like to stick to my classics.
I think pairing it up with a leather jacket and pointed heels gives it an edgy and modern twist. As for my braids… I was just in the mood for a bit of a quirky hairstyle.

T-shirt: Comme des Garcons Play
Jacket: M&S
Pants: Uniqlo (old but similar here)
Heels: H&M (similar here)
Bag: Fendi 2jour
Earrings: Dior 

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