Polka dots


Yes, Spring is finally here!
As the sun is slowly coming out, so are the spring fashion trends.
There are a few trends that really speak to me and that I’m excited to try out. Like the pastels, the suit/blazer trend, the wrap dress and many more. I started of with a safe trend though, the polka dot print. I bought these pants last year and I’ve worn them a lot, but especially this season I’ll be getting them out even more.
I’ve seen a lot of cute other items with the print. Here are some of my favorites: these pants or these, this skirt or this one, this dress or this one, this top and these shoes are amazing.
I’m also in love with this sweater. I got in from Les Lunettes and I love the sleeve with the snake print. It gives me Gucci vibes and who doesn’t like that! It’s on sale now and you can use my discount code ODEMODE10 on the website.

Sweater: Les Lunettes (use code ODEMODE10)
Pants: Stradivarius 
Bomber: Boohoo
Shoes: Comme des Garçons
Bag: Givenchy

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