Miss Dior Originale


“Miss Dior” was launched in 1947. The iconic sent is still being made today and not a lot has changed since then, except for it’s name. Nowadays it’s called “Miss Dior Originale” and new version, that smells completely different was launched in 2012, is now called “Miss Dior”. The original one is an “old style” perfume, rich in aldehydes, floral notes, oakmoss and resins. It’s completely different from the syrupy fragrances that are so fashionable now.

The iconic perfume makes for a great gift for any lady, especially with Christmas and New Year. If you need a beautiful last minute gift for a loved one or a friend, this perfume is a good option.
A great alternative for a man or woman is a nice, big, comfy sweater.
A graphic, cashmere or cable knit one. They are all perfect for this time of the year.

Perfume: Dior
Sweater 1: Ralph Lauren, 2: Kenzo, 3: Uniqlo, 4: Massimo Dutti (old)