Matching my surroundings


It’s a good thing fall is so beautiful… The changing weather makes it impossible to wear a perfect outfit for the temperature. Either you leave your home in an outfit that is too hot or you’re freezing because you didn’t wear enough layers. Also moisturizing is hell! If you don’t wear any your skin is dry, but if you put on your winter moisturizing you wake up with greasy skin.
Thankfully nature makes up for this all. The falling leaves, changing colors, cosy nights by the fireplace,…
Another plus is that you can still get away with wearing some of your summer cloths. These shorts for example are summer shorts, but combined with more winter staples, like a long coat and black boots I can still wear them. And if you hadn’t noticed… I’m really obsessed with my over-the-knee boots. The black is so easy to combine with any outfit and I’ve been wearing them a ton!

Sweater: Kenzo
Shorts: H&M
Coat: similar here
Boots: River Island
Bag: Chanel
Jewelry: Dior, Forever 21 

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